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meant the French would leave Vietnam. When did he join the French Communist Party and move to Paris? When did Vietnam gain independence from the Japanese? Because the Chinese changed the culture and had occupied Vietnam for a long time. The Battle of Tet Dong in Hanoi in 1426, which made the Ming Dynasty concede defeat. What happened to some of the non communists? What did his name Nguyen Ai Quoc mean? Cause 4, ho Chi Minh became the catalyst for the creation of the Viet Minh. What did Ho Chi Minh do in order to gain support of the US? Ho Chi Minh knew that many resented the French, and created the Viet Minh to appeal to all Vietnamese. Where was siterencontre rencontre en ligne gratuit Ho Chi Minh schooled and what did he learn there? They developed a sense of national identity and bonded over this which was a cause of the Viet Minh.

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Maximum profit was wanted and Vietnamese workers did not earn anything when the French exploited their mines and farms and land. Ho Chi Minh. Military struggle first site cougar rencontre braine l alleud indo China war. What was the main reason as to why Ho Chi Minh was the specific catalyst for the creation of the Viet Minh? They sentenced him to death. Repressive Chinese domination of Vietnam created a resentment amongst the Vietnamese. August Revolution and 1945 independence. The French occupied the towns and cities, while the Viet Minh took over the countryside.

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